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ASP09 Shell Moulding castings for Marine Applications
Perucchini foundry has developed, in co-design with major manufacturers of marine sector, a specific full shell moulding pouring process aimed to obtain castings realized in special cast iron or stainless steels performing high resistance to mechanical wear and to marine corrosion. Succesful examples are the development of antivibration mounts in cast iron for small marine engines and of stainless steel valves for military submarine application.

ASP08 Shell Moulding castings for low temperatures (< -40°C )
Perucchini has developed an innovative moulding process that successfully solves the problems related to the drops of the material resilience at low temperatures. The strong development of the mining and mineral explorations in polar areas has involved the set up of new products and solutions able to work at temperatures lower than 40 degrees below zero.

ASP07 Shell moulding castings for 500 bar hydraulics
Perucchini foundry has developed a specific full shell moulding process targeted to obtain hydraulic components eligible to withstand pressures up to 500 bar, as required by recent trends of mobile and industrial applications. High pressure hydrostatic transmissions allow significant reductions of weights, dimensions and costs in modern mobile machinery; they are equipped with innovative rotating groups realized with nodular cast irons.

ASP06 From lost wax to Shell Moulding
Perucchini’s full shell moulding foundry is synonymous for precision as it allows to obtain rough steel or cast iron castings with almost finished shapes. They are comparable, both for quality and tolerances, to the lost wax process castings, but with lower costs, thanks to the know-how and the continuous innovations developed through long lasting supplies of complex parts to most exigent customers.

ASP05 Full Shell Moulding Castings
Perucchini is a leader in the production of full Shell Moulding castings, the refined pouring technology that allows to improve the dimensional tolerances and realize complex shapes with low surface roughness, thus simplifying the following machining processes. Two glued half shells, realized with high refractoriness siliceous sand, coated with thermosetting resins, constitute the form where the cores are positioned and the liquid metal is then poured.

ASP02 Shell Moulding for Wear Resistant Castings
Perucchini full shell moulding process allows to obtain cast iron parts with a high wear resistance, comparable to the traditional and more expensive materials: hardened and nitrided steel or Cr-hard cast irons. Successful examples of such developments are: precision gripping and clampings components for wood-working machines and a series of chopping segments for the biomass production.

RLP01 Fusions de précision en shell moulding
Perucchini est une fonderie connue pour fusions de précision, fonte et acier, en technologie shell moulding intégral. Le procédé shell moulding "intégral" consiste à couler métal liquide à l'intérieur de carapaces avec noyaux internes, tous les deux formés avec sables traités et enrobés de résines thermo-durcissables